Ruttner bottle RT
Robust and accurate, ideal for sampling shallow water.
Available in 3 sizes
Ruttner bottle RT
The Ruttner Bottle allows samples to be taken at different water depths. The robust design of the bottle improves sampling verticality in the water column.
its inside is free of metallic objects in order to maintain the conditions of the sample, which can be retrieved via the tap located on the bottom plug.
The thermometer located on the inside of the transparent tube, making it easy to see the temperature of the sample (range -10ºC/50ºC ).
New trigger
The top includes the new bottle trigger that allows it to be closed at the desired depth using a messenger. This trigger also acts as the system for attaching the bottle to the main line.
Ruttner bottle, trigger


Ruttner bottle thermometer

Bottom tap

Ruttner bottle tap

Ruttner bottle RT tech specs

Ruttner bottle
  • The new trigger (messenger operated) was designed to facilitate the loading of the bottle. It also allows the bottle to be attached to the main line.
  • All the bottles include a tap in the bottom plug and an air screw on the top, which facilitates the removal of the sample.
  • Includes a thermometer inside the bottle (range -10ºC/50ºC ) making it easy to see the temperature of the sample.
  • Made of methacrylate, PVC, and AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Includes plastic elements in acetal and polyamide.
  • Lead weight.
  • NBR O-rings.
  • Capacity 1.8L
    • Weight 5.3kg
    • L 575mm
    • Ø 220mm
  • Capacity 3L
    • Weight 6.2kg
    • L 685mm
    • Ø 220mm
  • Capacity 5L
    • Weight 6.8kg
    • L 850mm
    • Ø 220mm

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