Niskin bottle NK

Designed for taking samples in the water column.

Niskin bottle NK


Is designed for vertical sampling and facilitates a free flow of water through the bottle as it is towed. Manufactured in different sizes, its inside is free of metallic objects in order to maintain the conditions of the sample, which can be retrieved via the tap located at the bottom of the bottle.



Its main body is formed of a tube, and the bottle has a plug at either end, connected by latex bands. The plugs are kept open during the descent, which facilitates the passage of water. The closure system, located on the side of the bottle, is activated by messenger at the desired depth.


Different uses

As well as being used individually, it can be used in series by attaching several bottles to the same line and operating their closure via messengers in cascade. This allows the collection of samples at various depths. It may also be used in oceanographic rosettes, with closure activated by the rosette mechanism.

Opening and attachment system

This system locks the bottle when the messenger taps it. The Niskin bottle can also be attached to a main line of up to 6mm thick or to an oceanographic rosette.
The loading of the bottle is explained on a vinyl panel.
Niskin bottle, attachment system

Different sizes

  • Capacity 1.7L
  • Capacity 2.5L
  • Capacity 5L
  • Capacity 10L
Niskin bottle
Niskin centre hanger, Niskin centring mechanism

Niskin accessories

Niskin centre hanger

When the bottle is used individually, the accessory “Niskin centre hanger” can be employed, which keeps the bottle upright at all times. With this mechanism, you can keep using our messenger to close the bottle.

Niskin replacements

Double latex band for Niskin

The new Niskin bottle includes a high-quality double latex band. Putting on and taking off this band is much easier than the previous version as it screws onto the two Niskin bottle plugs. It is available in several sizes depending on your Niskin bottle model.

niskin spare parts, latex band

Niskin bottle NK tech specs

Niskin bottle NK
  • The bottle’s attachment system allows you to fasten it to lines up to 6mm thick.
  • The side handle makes it easy to handle and transport the bottle.
  • All bottles include a high quality tap and air screw made of acetal.
  • The loading of the bottle is explained on a vinyl panel.
  • Made of PVC.
  • Includes plastic elements in acetal and polyamide.
  • Includes AISI 316 stainless steel metal elements.
  • Latex bands.
  • NBR O-rings.
  • Capacity 1.7L
    • Weight 2.6kg
    • L 605mm
    • Ø 180mm
  • Capacity 2.5L
    • Weight 3.1kg
    • L 795mm
    • Ø 180mm
  • Capacity 5L
    • Weight 4.2kg
    • L 690mm
    • Ø 230mm
  • Capacity 8L
    • Weight 5kg
    • L 885mm
    • Ø 230mm
  • Capacity 10L
    • Weight 5.7kg
    • L 1045mm
    • Ø 230mm

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