Custom-built plankton net

We can build the plankton net that you need.

Custom-built plankton net
Custom-built plankton net


In addition to our standard net for all the structures we manufacture, there is also the possibility of custom-building plankton nets.

Ask our technicians

We can advise on the best net type for the sampling to be undertaken. To do this you should let our specialists know the sampling characteristics.

To make your custom-built plankton net you must provide the following information:


Net type: Square/rectangular, conical, cylindrical-conical or conical-conical.


Micron rating (µm): Plankton net mesh size.


Collector size: Diameter of the plankton net bucket to be used (mm).


Mouth size (cm): Mouth diameter (in the case of square nets width x height).


Length (cm): Total length of the net mesh (we can calculate the length for optimal filtration efficiency).


Other features: Rings, grommets, inserted hoop, double velcro, etc.


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All of our structures, plankton nets and accessories are sold separately.

We have a wide variety of hand-held plankton nets designed for optimal filtration efficiency when used with our equipment.

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