CalVET net

Comprises a PAIROVET Bongo-type structure that allows the collection of two samples in each tow. It is designed to be used with our CalVET nets for vertical tows.

CalVET net

The vertical egg tow, referred to as CalVET in the CalCOFI database, was used to sample anchovy eggs from 1980 through 1985. The micron rating typically used on these nets was 333µm and 150µm. Nowadays, it is used by different organisations for fisheries control.

California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations



The PAIROVET structure of the net consists of 2x25cm Ø hoops joined by a fixing mechanism, which allows the attachment of the main line (up to 12mm thick) and a cylindrical stainless steel weight. Each hoop includes a clamp for securing the net.


Plankton net

The top and cod end of the plankton nets are made of sturdy canvas. The body of the net, whith cylindrical-conical shape (cylindrical section 80cm / conical section 60cm), is made of Nytal mesh. The cod end of the net is designed to fit our CP3-110 plankton collectors.


Cylindrical weight

A cylindrical stainless steel weight is needed to sink the net correctl. Includes anchor point for stainless steel cable. Available in different sizes.
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CalVET net structure, PAIROVET

CalVET net tech specs

  • PAIROVET net structure composed of or 2 hoops of 25cmØ; each hoop includes a clamp for securing the net. The central fixing mechanism allows easy attachment of the main line and a weight.
  • Includes rod for attaching a flow meter.
  • Cylindrical-conical CalVET plankton net; the cylindrical section is 80cm and the conical section is 60cm for all micron ratings. The cod end is reinforced and adapted for our CP3-110 collectors.
  • Net structure made of AISI 316 stainless steel and plastic elements.
  • Plankton net made of Nytal and polypropylene canvas.
  • Hoops 25cmØ
    • 100µm
    • 150µm
    • 250µm
    • 335µm

Sizes and micron ratings for CalVET plankton net

Designed for optimal filtration efficiency.

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