Bogorov counting chambers

Bogorov counting chambers, zooplancton counting chambers
Bogorov counting chambers, zooplancton counting chambers

The zooplankton counting chambers are designed to facilitate the counting of large quantities of zooplankton. Made of methacrylate, they have various precision-machined grooves with polished bases that provide the best possible transparency, and facilitate zooplankton counting.

The small size of all our chambers makes them suitable for use with a stereoscopic microscope.

  • Bogorov counting chamber 9ml: 80x50mm / 8mm thick
  • Bogorov counting chamber 22ml: 100x80mm / 8mm thick
  • Bogorov counting chamber 39ml: 120x85mm / 10mm thick
  • Vol. 9ml
  • Vol. 22ml
  • Vol. 39ml

Other counting chambers

We manufacture other counting chambers, such us slotted counting chambers or otolith analysis chambers.

Zooplancton counting chambers
Otolith analysis chambers

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