Bottle net

Allows the collection of microplankton samples at any depth, even deeper than 4000m.

Bottle net, plankton nets

Hand-held plankton net

These are our smallest plankton nets, allowing you to catch plankton in the simplest way.

Hand-held plankton net, manual plankton net
Simple plankton net, plankton nets

Simple plankton net

The simplest plankton net to be dragged by a boat.

Bongo plankton net

Designed for taking prolonged horizontal samples in the water column.

WP2 plankton net, plankton nets

WP2 plankton net

Net structure composed of single, double or triple hoop.

CalVET net

It is designed for vertical tows.

CalVET net, plankton nets
Neuston net, plankton nets

Neuston net

Designed to sample neuston or microplastics.

Manta net

Designed to sample neuston or microplastics in the simplest way.

Manta net, plankton nets
Epibenthic sledge

Epibenthic sledge

Designed to sample epibenthic plankton.

Custom-built plankton net

We can manufacture the exact plankton net you need.

Custom-built plankton net, plankton nets
Plankton net bucket, plankton nets

Plankton net bucket

Our most compact plankton collectors to date.

Plankton net accessories

You can add the following accessories to your plankton net.

V-Fin depressor, plankton nets

V-Fin depressor

Different oblique and horizontal sample weights.

Cylindrical stainless weight, plankton nets

Cylindrical stainless weight

Different vertical sample weights.

Plankton net closure mechanism, plankton nets

Plankton net closure mechanism

It allows the closure of a plankton net.

Hand spool, plankton nets

Hand spool

Perfect for our hand-held plankton nets.