Plankton net bucket, collector CP3

New plankton net bucket CP3

Optimal design for use in all our plankton nets.

Square thread with triple entry

Making it easier to put on and remove the collector from the plankton net.

Plankton net bucket, triple-threaded

How it works

The plankton net bucket is the container situated at the cod end of a plankton net where the planktonic organisms collected are deposited. It can be used together with all our plankton nets. It is available in various sizes and versions.



The methacrylate-reinforced base allows light to pass through, letting you preview the sample. The AISI 316 stainless steel window and its high-quality silicone gasket allow meshes to be exchanged easily (except CP3-50 collectors).

Plankton net bucket, methacrylate base
Plankton net bucket CP3-50

Plankton net bucket CP3-50

Our smallest plankton collector, perfect for our hand-held plankton nets.
Designed with the latest square thread, making it easier to put on and take off the collector, and a methacrylate base for sample previewing. The CP3-50B plankton collector is also available, which was specifically designed for our Bottle net.

Plankton net bucket CP3 tech specs

Plankton net bucket CP3
  • Optimal design for use in all our plankton nets.
  • Calculated for a sample volume of 300ml (except CP3-50).
  • The top of the bucket includes a stainless steel clamp to attach it to the net.
  • Includes the new square thread with triple entry (except collectors CP3-50 that have a single entry), making it easier to put on and remove the collector from the plankton net.
  • Stainless steel window with silicone gasket for easy exchange of meshes (except CP3-50 collectors).
  • Methacrylate base that enhances sample viewing.
  • Made of PVC and methacrylate.
  • Window, clamp and screws made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Silicone gasket on window.
  • Plankton net bucket CP3-110: 110mmØ and 290mmL.
  • Plankton net bucket CP3-110M: 110mmØ and 310mmL.
  • Plankton net bucket CP3-90: 90mmØ and 315mmL.
  • Plankton net bucket CP3-75: 75mmØ and 290mmL.
  • Plankton net bucket CP3-50: 50mmØ and 150mmL.
  • Plankton net bucket CP3-50B: 50mmØ and 150mmL.
  • Stainless steel net bucket window.
  • Silicone window.
  • Bucket mesh.
  • Clamp.
  • Adapter with weight for buckets (models CP-50 and CP3-75).
  • WP2 buckets adapter (model CP3-110).
  • CalVET buckets adapter (model CP3-110).

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