Simple plankton net

Designed to be dragged by a boat.
It can be used horizontally, vertically and obliquely.

Simple plankton net
Simple plankton net bucket
Simple plankton net
Simple plankton net bucket


Made of AISI 316 stainless steel, includes a triple-point bridle with anti-twist shackle for attaching it to the main line, a clamp for securing the net and a rod for attaching a flow meter. Available in various diameters.

Simple plankton net structure

Plankton net

The top and cod end of the plankton net are made of sturdy canvas. The cylindrical-conical body of the net is made of Nytal mesh. The cod end is designed to fit our CP3 plankton collectors.



A weight or depressor is needed to sink the net correctly. Includes various anchor points to vary the angle of attack. Available in different sizes.
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Closure system

To sample a particular interval of the water column, it is possible to add choke rings to the net together with a  messenger closure system on the main line.

Simple plankton net tech specs

  • Net structure comprising a hoop, clamp, and triple-point bridle.
  • Includes rod for attaching a flow meter.
  • The triple-point bridle includes a stainless steel cable with an anti-twist shackle for attaching it to the main line.
  • Cylindrical-conical plankton net, calculated for optimal filtration efficiency, with reinforced top and cod end, and adapted for use with our CP3-110 collectors.
  • Net structure and triple-point bridle made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Plankton net made of Nytal and polypropylene canvas.
  • Structure diameter 40cm.
  • Structure diameter 50cm.
  • Structure diameter 60cm.
  • Structure diameter 100cm.
Simple plankton net

Sizes and micron ratings for simple plankton net

Designed for optimal filtration efficiency.

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