Bottle net

A unique way to sample microplankton in the deep sea.

Bottle net, microplankton net

Deep ocean plankton

This new plankton net consists of an external PVC and stainless steel frame, with a 20µm plankton net inside it. Allows the collection of microplankton samples at any depth, even deeper than 4000m, where this type of sampling has never before been carried out.


Novel data

This results in novel data for researchers studying the marine environment, including the composition of deep ocean plankton communities (below 1000 m depth), which can be used in a multitude of studies (trophic relationships, molecular biology, population dynamics, etc.).


Opening and closing

The automatic opening and closing system that is operated remotely via an oceanography rosette mechanism, allowing you to take samples at a specific interval in the water column. For example, you could sample the plankton between depths of 3000m and 2000m, or 3000m and 1000m.

Developed jointly with the University of Cádiz.

Bottle net, deep plankton net

Attachment system

The Bottle net has been designed so that it can be placed into a classic oceanographic rosette, and it can use the same closure mechanisms as the other bottles. In addition, it has an adjustable clamp system that enables it to be placed in this type of oceanographic rosette.

Bottle net attachment system

How to use the Bottle net

Click on the following video to see how to use the Bottle net.

Bottle net plankton net bucket

Net for Bottle-net

The 20µm plankton nets are conical-conical shaped and designed for optimal filtration efficiency at speeds of <1m/s. The cod end of the net is designed to fit our CP3-50B plankton net bucket, specially designed for the Bottle net.


Plankton net bucket CP3-50B

Once the sample has been collected, the design of the bottle allow you to easily access the plankton collector. In addition, our CP-50B bucket can be removed and replaced rapidly, thanks to the design of its thread.
Plankton net buckets

Bottle net tech specs

Bottle net
  • PVC structure designed for placing inside an oceanographic rosette.
  • Remotely activated automatic opening and closing cover. Can be opened and closed once each tow.
  • Rosette attachment system designed in stainless steel and fully adjustable.
  • Easy access to the plankton collector (not included).
  • Bottle conical-conical plankton net, calculated for optimal filtration efficiency, with reinforced cod end, and adapted for use with our CP3-50B collectors.
  • Net structure made of PVC and AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Includes acetal, polyamide, and nylon elements.
  • NBR O-ring.
  • Plankton net made of Nitex and polypropylene canvas.
  • Bottle net 76:
    • Mouth 76mmØ
    • 20µm
    • Total diameter 200mm
    • Length Total 1015mm
  • Bottle net 96
    • Mouth 96mmØ
    • 20µm
    • Total diameter 200mm
    • Length Total 1315mm

Please find a link to one of the articles that used the Bottle net to take samples. In this case, it was used during the Malaspina 2010 Circumnavigation Expedition, where researchers were able to confirm that fast-sinking mechanisms inject fresh organic carbon into the deep sea and that this is a prevalent process operating across the global oligotrophic ocean.


Ubiquitous healthy diatoms in the deep sea confirm deep carbon injection by the biological pump

S. Agusti, J. I. González-Gordillo, D. Vaqué, M. Estrada, M. I. Cerezo, G. Salazar, J. M. Gasol & C. M. Duarte

Nature Communications 6, Article number: 7608 (2015)

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