WP2 plankton net

It consists of a single, double or triple hoop, allowing one, two or three samples to be obtained in each tow.
It is designed for vertical tows.

WP2 plankton net

Plankton net

The top and cod end of the plankton nets are made of sturdy canvas. The cylindrical-conical body of the net is made of Nytal mesh. The cod end is designed to fit our CP3 plankton collectors.


Cylindrical weight

A cylindrical stainless steel weight is needed to sink the net correctly. Includes anchor point for stainless steel cable. Available in different sizes.
Learn more about cylindrical weight >


WP2 bucket adapters

WP2 bucket adapters are also available for the 3 types of structure. These improve the verticality of the net and prevent jolting. This accessory is compatible with our CP3-110 collectors.


Closure system

To sample a particular interval of the water column (only WP2 simple), it is possible to add choke rings to the net together with a  messenger closure system on the main line.



The structure of the net can comprise a single hoop (WP2 simple), 2 hoops (WP2 double), or 3 hoops (WP2 triple), and is made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Each hoop has a filter area of 0.25 m² (57cm Ø) and includes a clamp for securing the net. The exterior of the structure allows attachment of the main line and a cylindrical stainless steel weight.

WP2 plankton net structure

Full WP2 simple plankton net

WP2 simple plankton net

Structural components WP2 simple

1. Three-point bridle with a rotating shackle.
2. Lyre shackles.
3. WP2-simple structure.
4. Large clamp.
7. Attachment cords.
8. WP2-simple base.

Plankton net for WP2 simple

5. Plankton Net.
6. Hoop reinforcement with guide rings (optional).
11. Choke rings (optional).

Accessories for WP2 simple

9. Messenger.
10. Closure mechanism.
12. WP2-simple collector adaptor.
13. CP3 plankton collector.
14. Cylindrical stainless steel weight.

Full WP2 double/triple plankton net

WP2 double plankton net

*WP2-double image

Structural components WP2 double/triple

1. Two-point / three-point bridle with a rotating shackle.
2. WP2-double / WP2-triple structure.
3. Large clamp.

Plankton net for WP2 double/triple

4. Plankton Net.

Accessories for WP2 double/triple

5. WP2-double / WP2-triple collector adaptor.
6. CP3 plankton collector.
7. Cylindrical stainless steel weight.

WP2 plankton net tech specs

  • Net structure composed of 1, 2 or 3 hoops of 57cmØ; each ring includes a clamp for securing the net. The exterior of the structure allows attachment of the main line and a weight.
  • Includes cable and anti-twist shackle for connection to the main line.
  • Includes rod for attaching a flow meter.
  • WP2 cylindrical-conical plankton net, calculated for optimal filtration efficiency, with reinforced cod end, and adapted for use with our CP3-110 collectors.
  • Net structure made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Plankton net made of Nytal and polypropylene canvas.
  • WP2 simple (1 hoop of 57cmØ).
  • WP2 doble (2 hoops of 57cmØ).
  • WP2 triple (3 hoops of 57cmØ).

Sizes and micron ratings for WP2 plankton net

Designed for optimal filtration efficiency.

*It is possible to add hoop reinforcement with guide rings (only WP2-simple).

*It is possible to add choke rings (only WP2-simple).

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The most common micron rating for WP2 plankton nets is 200µm, although we also have nets with other micron ratings available.

The WP2 plankton nets shown in this page have been calculated for optimal filtration efficiency in retrieval ascents at a maximum speed of 45 m/min (Zooplankton Sampling, UNESCO, Monographs on oceanographic methodology Vol.2, 1968).

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