Custom-built instruments

Research with exactly what you need.


Step one: contact our technical team and let them know your research needs.


Step two: we will produce a 3D design of the first prototype and work on possible improvements.


Step three: we will manufacture and deliver the product in line with the final designs.

Custom-built instruments

Specific solutions

Due to the demands of research into aquatic ecosystems, it is common to require very specific solutions in line with the demands and needs of the researchers.


Design and manufacturing

One of the advantages of being manufacturers, is that we can completely adapt to what the researcher requires, helping design and make the equipment you need.


Several options

We offer several options, from designing and creating new instruments, to modifying existing products, adapting them to your needs.

Below are some examples of instruments we have designed and manufactured for various institutions and companies.


Designed for ecotoxicological tests. With this system, you can evaluate the habitat selection capacity of organisms when they are exposed to heterogeneous toxic environments.

Instron cutting fixture, Custom-built instruments

Instron cutting fixture

Cutting tool for Instron equipment. For measuring the physical properties of different materials or biological tissues when cut.

Made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

Ussing Chamber

The Ussing chamber allows you to measure the properties of the epithelial membrane. You can detect and quantify the permeability of the organic tissue.
It provides a system for measuring ion, nutrient, and drug transport through a variety of epithelial tissues.
It comprises two parts made of transparent methacrylate.

Ussing Chamber, custom-built instruments
Waterproof housing, Custom-built instruments

Waterproof housing

Design of submersible waterproof housings for electronic components.
Can include various external connections.
Can include externally operated magnetic switches.
Made of acetal, as well as other plastic and metallic elements.

Incubation chambers

Incubation chambers

Designed for aquatic organisms, these enable you to easily create a microcosm facilitating the study of physiological processes.
Manufactured in methacrylate, PVC ,and other plastic elements.

Flow cell holder

Flow cell holder

Flow-chamber support for FlowCAM particle analysers.
Improving the attachment of the 100μm flow chambers to prevent breakage.
Made of aluminium and other plastic elements.

Choice chamber

Choice chamber

This is a selectable camera for different stimuli. It is an instrument designed for studying the behaviour of different aquatic species.
Made of PVC and acrylic.

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