Van Veen grab SG

Van Veen grab SG

To sample sediment.

How it works

The Van Veen grab SG is designed for collecting sediment samples in fresh and marine water, from soft or medium-hard bottoms like sand, gravel, consolidated marl or clay. It consists of two buckets connected by a hinge. During the descent, the two buckets remain apart. When it hits the bottom, the locking mechanism releases, and when the main line is pulled to retrieve the grab, the buckets close allowing the collection of the sample.
Van Veen grab SG-1000

Upper windows

These windows allow to inspect the sample or obtain a sub-sample before opening the grab.
Not available in SG-200.

Locking mechanism

Van Veen grab SG

Grab open

The locking mechanism allows to keep the grab open during the descent.

Grab closed

When it hits the bottom, the locking mechanism releases, allowing the grab to close.

Available in 3 sizes

It is available in various sizes according to the volume of sediment to be sampled.

  • SG-200: Sampling area 200cm²
Van Veen grab SG-200
  • SG-400: Sampling area 400cm²
Van Veen grab SG-400
  • SG-1000: Sampling area 1000cm²
Van Veen grab SG-1000
Van Veen grab SG-400

Van Veen grab tech specs

  • It has 2 arms that open and close the grab, and includes a stainless steel wire rope with an attachment for the main line.
  • Includes a locking mechanism that is released on contact with the bottom, allowing the grab to close.
  • Has upper windows that allow you to inspect the sample or remove a sub-sample (*Not available in SG-200).
  • Includes 4 lead weights designed to help the grab enter the sediment (*Not available in SG-200).
  • Made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Lead weight.
  • SG-200:
    • Volume 1.4L
    • Sampling area 200cm²
    • Weight 3kg
    • Closed size (height x width x depth) 380x240x155mm
  • SG-400:
    • Volume 5L
    • Sampling area 400cm²
    • Lead weight 4×1.2kg
    • Weight 11kg
    • 2 windows
    • Closed size (height x width x depth) 550x340x220mm
  • SG-1000:
    • Volume 15L
    • Sampling area 1000cm²
    • Lead weight 4x5kg
    • Weight 42kg
    • 4 windows
    • Closed size (height x width x depth) 870x530x340mm

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