Ekman grab EG
Designed for collecting sediment samples from soft bottoms including clay, silt and mud.
Ekman grab EG
Ekman grab EG
Designed for collecting sediment samples from soft bottoms including clay, silt and mud.
Unaltered sample
The two buckets attached to two torsion springs and a box of a specified area, that allows you to obtain an almost unaltered sample.
When the grab touches the bottom, the trigger is pulled using a messenger and the grab closes, collecting the sample.
Two covers
During retrieval, the grab remains closed and the two upper covers, prevent the sample being washed.
Ekman grab trigger
New trigger
It keeps the Ekman grab open and attaches it to the main line.

The new design makes loading the grab easier as it opens the buckets and attaches them to the trigger.
The trigger is activated by our messengers.

The Ekman handle can be used in shallow waters, as a substitute to the messenger.

Ekman grab EG tech specs

Ekman grab
  • There is a central handle for improved manageability.
  • The new trigger (messenger operated) has been designed to facilitate the loading of the grab. It also allows the drag to be attached to the main line.
  • Its design, with two covers on the top, prevents the sample being washed during the ascent.
  • Made of AISI 316 stainless steel; includes some plastic elements.
  • Trigger made of acetal and AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • EG 15:
    • Volume 3L
    • Sampling area  15x15cm
    • Weight 3kg
    • Closed size (height x width x depth) 330x190x200mm
  • TEG 15:
    • Volume 5L
    • Sampling area  15x15cm
    • Weight 3.5kg
    • Closed size (height x width x depth) 410x190x200mm
  • EG 23:
    • 12L volume
    • Sampling area  23x23cm
    • Weight 6kg
    • Closed size (height x width x depth) 420x280x290mm

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