The Van Veen grab is one of the instruments most typically used for benthic samples.

Benthic macrofauna mainly includes Crustacean, Molluscs and Annelid species, which spend a large part of their life cycle on the seabed, which may be hard or soft. These organisms are greatly important in estuary and marine ecosystems as a food source for other superior organisms. Furthermore, they contribute to sediment oxygenation and recycling of nutrients through the phenomenon of bioturbation.

Studying and classifying benthic macrofauna is crucial in the area of research and environmental studies as it is a hugely important water quality indicator. Firstly, a good sampling design is needed to define the sampling areas, points, method, volume, etc. Once the design is defined, sampling can be conducted. Although there are different ways to collect samples, grabs are the most common. The most used grab is the Van Veen grab.

At Aquatic BioTechnology, we have worked on designing and manufacturing our SG Van Veen grab, which is available in three sizes. For more information about this grab, click here.