Fish-measuring device iK2

Fish-measuring device iK2, ictiometer

Thinner, lighter
and more durable

It is made of white rigid PVC and laminated printed vinyl for fantastic protection for the printing on the rule.

Fish-measuring device iK2, ictiometer
Fish-measuring device sizes

Different sizes

We have different sizes of fish-measuring devices according to the measurement needs.

Fish-measuring device system of measurement

System of measurement

Our fish-measuring devices measure in centimetres, with divisions in millimetres (metric system), but they can also be manufactured in inches (imperial system).

Fish-measuring device iK2 tech specs

  • By incorporating rigid PVC we have achieved a new thinner and more resistant design.
  • The printing on the ruler is on vinyl, which is then laminated for added protection and durability.
  • It is now possible to customise the logo on the end wall.
  • Wall made of rigid white PVC, 10mm thick.
  • Ruler made of rigid white PVC, 4mm thick.
  • Printed and laminated vinyl.
  • Stainless steel elements.
  • 40cm (width 14cm).
  • 50cm (width 14cm).
  • 60cm (width 14cm).
  • 70cm (width 18cm).
  • 80cm (width 18cm).
  • 100cm (width 18cm).
  • 150cm (width 18cm).

New roll-up fish-measuring device iK2R

Allowing for easy transport.

Roll-up fish-measuring device iK2R

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